Blessed in Tulbagh

An extraordinary life

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Not the happiest time

My beloved Ballytoo is gone. He disappeared months ago and I feel in my heart that I will never see him again. I felt it almost the moment I knew he was missing.

Before he left I had lost my will for life in general and it’s just got worse.

I am in such a dark place right now. I hope that sometime I can find myself again.


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How Woolworths really operates!

It would seem that bullying doesn’t only happen in schools

Touchee Feelee

Fair warning: This isn’t going to be a happy post, because what’s happened has left me very, very sad.

It’s not easy being a designer, and even less easy being a small, independent designer. You’re constantly having to find a balance between paying your bills, and being true to your art. For most designers, being approached by a big retail chain would sound like a dream come true. Right?


I was approached by the buying head of homeware at Woolworths at the beginning of 2013. (For those of you outside SA, Woolworths is the equivalent of Marks & Spencer or Macy’s.)

A meeting was set up to meet the buying head and another homeware buyer, to discuss having some of my Touchee Feelee range form part of Woolworth’s new “artisan” range. I took samples of all my work to the meeting, and was asked if they could hold on…

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The Birds and The Bees

I have never been much of a bird person until I moved to this little valley. And then even on the farm I didn’t notice the birds so much as I noticed the horses and the other animals. I loved the turkeys, and of course I love the eagle’s cry and watching them hunt.

Now that we have moved to town I’ve started to notice the birds. I started buying wild bird seed from our local shop. They obviously buy it in bulk and then weigh and put into packets. I pay R33 for 5 KG’s of bird food which I think is an excellent price.

Just the other day we saw a little humming bird. What a little stunner with the most amazing emerald green feathers! My landlady told us that they like a nectar mixture and she showed us some of her bird feeders.

That got me thinking and so I rummaged around the house to see what I could find. Hubby made the humming bird feeder and I made all the seed feeders. The humming bird hasn’t been back yet but there have been plenty other new bird visitors.

Take a look at some of the feeders we made. Next time I will show you some of the bird visitors.

Bird Feeders Feeder2 Feeder3 Feeder4

P.S. I think I will enter this one for Michelle’s Weekly Challenge as well 🙂


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

So I haven’t blogged since 2011 or really even at all.

I am going to give Michelle’s Weekly Challenge a go though.

I am human to 5 cats, 4 of which are rescued feral cats. Our ginger is not feral at all but what a character he is. I do think that gingers are very special. I was never a ginger cat person until Mubarak arrived at the farm we were staying on.

Sadly when we moved to town, he went back to the farm 3 times. On the 3rd time I realised that I could not “force” him to stay. I think that town was just too noisy for him after the peace and quiet of the farm.

Ballytoo came into our lives when we actually got a call to say that someone had found Mubarak. It obviously turned out that it wasn’t him but we had already fallen in love with him and so of course………………. he stayed.



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First blog

Orange Sky

One of the beautiful sunsets in the valley where I live

So I registered this blog in 2010 already and never wrote a single thing. The truth is……. that life got so busy and I just never seemed to find the time to post.

Anyway let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself.

I write articles for websites as well as do a bit of transcription typing.

I love working from home as it affords me the luxury of not having to sit in traffic jams or having to buy fancy clothes for work. Most times I just work in sweat pants and a long jersey.

I have 6 rescued feral cats which I will tell you a bit about in my following posts.

For now though I need to get back to my typing. See you all soon.